Critical thinking test

The Watson Glaser critical thinking test plays a critical part in the application process. Find out more about how it works and practise the test here.

  • Inference1
  • Recognition of assumptions2
  • Deduction3
  • Interpretation4
  • Evaluation of arguments5



Critical Thinking - Practice Questions

Critical thinking involves interpreting information to form well-justified conclusions, and is an essential skill in the legal profession. These sample questions are similar to those you will see on our Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test, they are designed to help you feel comfortable with the test and for you to assess your critical thinking skills.

There are 15 questions for you to complete in 5 minutes. We’ve given you a timer to help you monitor your progress. Refreshing your browser will lose your current responses and you will have to start again. These questions are only samples and won’t be recorded or used as part of any selection process that you might later undertake with Linklaters.

When you have completed all questions, you will receive your overall score as a percentage of correct answers, along with some advice to help you when completing formal assessments in the future. You will also be able to download and save a PDF of your results.

When you review your results, you can see your incorrect answers by hovering over the icons with a cross and will receive feedback explaining the correct answer. You can review your correct answers by hovering over the icons with a tick.